Shu Zong-Contrast Brooch

At Design Interviews

Interview with Shu Zong : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Shu Zong : The design shows people who are living in the concrete jungle with their souls having many different levels. Some of them are shar <Cropped>

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Man Ring by Marcelo Lopes

Marcelo Lopes Spotlights The Naja Serpent Ring Man Ring

MARCELO LOPES, the creator of the displayed work Naja Serpent Ring by MARCELO LOPES explicates, This ring for man was inspired by several meaningful elements for law school graduates. Far from being a traditional college ring, Naja serpent ring is <Cropped>

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Boun Furniture Design Awards '18

Review Mid-deadline Starts : 27th May 2018 Public Voting Starts: 27th May 2018 Submission Ends : 19th June 2018 Public Voting Ends : 31st July 2018 Announcement of Result : 31st August 2018 Indoors Frame The Way We Evolve, Dwell, Behave; in Short

Review mid-deadline starts : 27th may 2018 public voting starts: 27th may 2018 submission ends : 19th june 2018 public voting ends : 31st july 2018 announcement of result : 31st august 2018 Indoors frame the way we evolve, dwell, behave; in s <Cropped>

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Futuristic Home-Residential House by Jackie Lai

Jackie Lai Demonstrates The Futuristic Home Residential House

Jackie Lai, the creator of the highlighted work Residential House:Futuristic Home by Jackie Lai explicates, The owners hope to live a dream, a dream of the future living after they watched the Sci-Fi movie Passengers starred by Jennifer Lawrence and <Cropped>

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Amaro 33 by Yg Design

Yg Design Demonstrates The Amaro 33 Grappa-Based Liqueur

YG Design, the lead designer of the award winning work Amaro 33 - Grappa- based liqueur by YG Design spells out, The aim of the client with this NPD was to enter into the high-priced liqueurs segment, expecting to be seen as simple yet different. Th <Cropped>

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Storage Shelf by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Giulia Shelf Storage Shelf

The author of the highlighted work Giulia Shelf by Acclaimed Designer spells out, the giulia shelf was conceived to promote the ideology of "messiness". most storage systems subconsiously guide the user to "organize". the giulia s <Cropped>

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Percept Design (perceptron Design Group)-British Ville Penthouse of 12# Show Flat

At Design Interviews

Interview with Percept Design (Perceptron Design Group) : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Percept Design (Perceptron Design Group) : This design by private art collection for inspiration, through the <Cropped>

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Award Winning Shark Stone Ring

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Shark Stone Ring

The designer of the awarded design Acclaimed Designer's SHARK Stone Ring explains, Inspiration from sharks. Sharpness is the main thing that sharks exude. This ring is meant to be worn to show only the top of the ring, like a shark fin out of wa <Cropped>

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Alpha-Biological Printer Machine by Wei Sun and Yu Zhao

Wei Sun and Yu Zhao Creates The Alpha Biological Printer Machine

Wei Sun and Yu Zhao, the creator of the awarded design Biological Printer Machine by Wei Sun and Yu Zhao points out, The design core of this model is the complete isolation of the "print" area and mechanical system.The product has a built-i <Cropped>

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Sheng-Hsin Hsu's Colorful Life Interior Design

Sheng-Hsin Hsu Shows The Colorful Life Interior Design

Sheng-Hsin Hsu, the designer of the award winning design Award Winning Colorful Life Interior Design demonstrates, Adjacent to a night market in Xituan District, Taichung City, a number of containers in different sizes are located randomly on a publi <Cropped>

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