Condemn Cuff-Extendable Cuff by Jimin Jung

Jimin Jung Discloses The Condemn Cuff Extendable Cuff

Jimin Jung, the maker of the awarded design Condemn cuff - Extendable cuff by Jimin Jung explicates, The main goal with this project was to make a cuff that does not have size limitation. The biggest challenge was choosing a clasp. A clasp was integr <Cropped>

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Logo and Vi:azura by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Azura Logo and Vi

The author of the highlighted project Azura - Logo and VI by Acclaimed Designer explicates, ‘Azura’ is a high-tech company functioning as a network cloud platform to provide services in professional 3D printing, advocating a lifestyle which is mo <Cropped>

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Midori-Chair by Mrsmith Studio

Mrsmith Studio Creates The Midori Chair

MrSmith Studio, the lead designer of the awarded design Midori by MrSmith Studio spells out, A dining chair conceived to be able to easily adapt to different types of interiors and placements on the market thanks to the multiple options of colours an <Cropped>

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Lab.12 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Opportunity to Exhibit The Artworks in An Art Gallery in Milan (italy) and Much More

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the opportunity to exhibit the artworks in an art gallery in milan (italy) and much more..

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Brand Packaging:maker Overnight Oats by Pepsico Design & Innovation

Pepsico Design & Innovation Spotlights The Maker Overnight Oats Brand Packaging

PepsiCo Design & Innovation, the project leader of the displayed work Brand Packaging by PepsiCo Design & Innovation spells out, The Maker Oats story includes conveying ease through simplicity, premium ingredients through product visibility, <Cropped>

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Oasis The City Home Garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska

Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska Spotlights The Oasis The City Home Garden Home Garden

Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska, the maker of the award winning project home garden:Oasis the city home garden by Agnieszka Hubeny-Zukowska points out, Garden surrounding the historic willa in the city center. Long and narrow plot with height differences <Cropped>

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Jeremy Labelle's Yana's Ring Wedding Band

Jeremy Labelle Exhibits The Yana's Ring Wedding Band

Jeremy Labelle, the lead designer of the highlighted design Jeremy Labelle's Yana's Ring Wedding Band demonstrates, Instead of purchasing an engagement and wedding ring, Jeremy challenged himself to design a beautiful titanium ring set. Fir <Cropped>

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Ora-Shower Panel by Vladimir Polikarpov

Vladimir Polikarpov Creates The Ora Shower Panel

Vladimir Polikarpov, the lead designer of the award winning design Ora by Vladimir Polikarpov says, The ORA shower system is an aesthetic detail of the bathroom that attracts attention with natural lines. It also has the ability to absorb the surroun <Cropped>

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Think & Shift's Hideaway Chair Children's Chair

Think & Shift Shows The Hideaway Chair Children's Chair

Think & Shift, the project leader of the award winning design Children's Chair by Think & Shift explicates, The Hideaway Chair provides children with a comforting sense of enclosure; a place to rest that is private, relaxing and quite. <Cropped>

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Curve by Cozzolino Studio

Cozzolino Studio Demonstrates The Curve Flask

Cozzolino Studio, the architect of the award winning project Flask:Curve by Cozzolino Studio illustrates, This Curve Flask is an attractive solution for having your favorite wines and spirits on hand for any occasion. Made from stainless steel with a <Cropped>

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