Built-in Gas Hob:cast Built-in Hob by Arcelik Design Team & Patricia Urquiola

Arcelik Design Team & Patricia Urquiola Presents The Cast Built-in Hob Built-in Gas Hob

ARCELIK DESIGN TEAM & PATRICIA URQUIOLA, the creator of the highlighted project CAST BUILT-IN HOB by ARCELIK DESIGN TEAM & PATRICIA URQUIOLA explicates, The stoves were created using cast-iron and long-lasting material which conveys, in some <Cropped>

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Office:square Inside Circle by Shu-Yuan Chang

Shu-Yuan Chang Shows The Square Inside Circle Office

Shu-Yuan Chang, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Office by Shu-Yuan Chang demonstrates, Tradition of Chinese Yin and Yang concept is the central concept of Chinese years ago. Chinese believes that wisdom is to predominate the Yin Yang <Cropped>

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The Share Collection by Liza Belachew

Liza Belachew Portrays The The Share Collection Earrings

Liza Belachew, the architect of the award winning design Earrings by Liza Belachew points out, The collection is a group of eight charmingly designed earrings, which perfectly combined with each other through the superbly elaborate techniques of Japa <Cropped>

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Diamond Heart by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Diamond Heart Office

The lead designer of the awarded project Acclaimed Designer's Diamond Heart Office says, In response to the increase of internet media content throughout traditional newspapers, studios require complex walls as background to shoot videos and to <Cropped>

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Yucheng Decoration's Fuxi Inn Hotel

Yucheng Decoration Discloses The Fuxi Inn Hotel

YuCheng Decoration, the lead designer of the award winning work Fuxi Inn - Hotel by YuCheng Decoration points out, The project is a renovation project of an inn in the Xitang scenic spot. This is a work between the old building renovation and interio <Cropped>

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Y.o Zmart Chair-Chair by Rick Yestadt

Rick Yestadt Discloses The Y.o Zmart Chair Chair

Rick Yestadt, the thinktank behind the displayed design y.O Zmart Chair - Chair by Rick Yestadt demonstrates, Inspired by the Wassily Chair and Corbusier’s Sling chair the y.O Zmart Chair has the unique ability to convert from a reclining position <Cropped>

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Atto Primo by Lance Smith

Lance Smith Portrays The Atto Primo Restaurant

Lance Smith, the creator of the highlighted project Lance Smith's Atto Primo Restaurant says, Yum! Brands welcomes their first high-end Italian dining restaurant, Atto Primo, in Shanghai. Inspired by Italian theatre, diners sit on softly lit di <Cropped>

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Temporary Needs

Chicco Invites All Creative People to Dive Into The World of Children Transportation by Car and Develop a Concept of Foldable Car Seat Designed For Kids From 3 to 12 Years Old, Easy to Put Away When Not in Use.chicco Invites All Creative People to Dive In

Chicco invites all creative people to dive into the world of children transportation by car and develop a concept of foldable car seat designed for kids from 3 to 12 years old, easy to put away when not in use.Chicco invites all creative people to di <Cropped>

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Huger Bike by Valentino Chow

Valentino Chow Shows The Huger Bike Electronic Bike

Valentino Chow, the project leader of the awarded project Award Winning Huger Bike Electronic Bike explains, Full throttle performance at your fingertips. Extends your ride with greater ease. Lighting and turning indication system for added safety pr <Cropped>

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Award Winning Centaline Club Clubhouse Design

Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd Presents The Centaline Club Clubhouse Design

Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Clubhouse Design:Centaline Club by Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd explicates, Centaline is one of Hong Kong’s largest property agencies, with agents placed strategically <Cropped>

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