Award Winning Vento Seating System

Vir Karamchandani Presents The Vento Seating System

Vir Karamchandani, the architect of the award winning design Vento by Vir Karamchandani demonstrates, "Vento" is a contemporary concept that has been designed with a minimalist approach. This seating system is meticulously created by Vir Ka <Cropped>

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Ekhtiyarieh Tower by Reza Mafakher-Xema Architects

Reza Mafakher-Xema Architects Reveals The Ekhtiyarieh Tower Commercial-Residential

Reza Mafakher - Xema Architects, the maker of the displayed design Commercial-Residential by Reza Mafakher - Xema Architects demonstrates, At the first step of design process, the main schema of the tower came from the geometry of the site. So the ed <Cropped>

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Paper Trip-Illustration Handkerchief by Natsuki Camino

Natsuki Camino Shares The Paper Trip Illustration Handkerchief

Natsuki Camino, the creator of the awarded project Paper Trip by Natsuki Camino points out, The design style of Natsuki Camino is called Chigiri-e, creating artwork with the method of torn colored paper collage. It's not a simple collage, her de <Cropped>

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Cheng Sheng's Others Design Touch Reception Center

Cheng Sheng Portrays The Others Design Touch Reception Center

Cheng Sheng, the lead designer of the highlighted project Others Design Touch - Reception center by Cheng Sheng explains, There are 3 different floors in this case. According to our need, we divide these 3 floors into Concierge Area, Distribution Are <Cropped>

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Active Work Desk by Simonas Palovis

Simonas Palovis Exhibits The Wee! Active Work Desk

Simonas Palovis, the lead designer of the awarded work Wee! by Simonas Palovis spells out, WEE is an alternative work desk concept for people, who can‘t stand sitting motionless during long work hours. By combining a traditional desk with a swing, <Cropped>

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Ali Metehan Erdem-Guy Ritchie Film Collection

At Design Interviews

Interview with Ali Metehan Erdem : Frank Scott: What has been your main focus in designing this work? Especially what did you want to achieve?. Ali Metehan Erdem : The focus of this poster series is not on actors or actresses, nor on characteristic s <Cropped>

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Tourist Attraction by George Tumpalov

George Tumpalov Creates The in Love With The Wind Tourist Attraction

George Tumpalov, the author of the highlighted project Tourist attraction:In love with the wind by George Tumpalov spells out, Castle In love with the wind is a 20th century residence set within 10 acres landscape near the village of Ravadinovo, an A <Cropped>

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Coffee and Side Table by Apiwat Chitapanya

Apiwat Chitapanya Creates The Feather Coffee and Side Table

Apiwat Chitapanya, the architect of the highlighted design Coffee and Side Table:Feather by Apiwat Chitapanya explicates, Feather Collection is the furniture art that has been inspired by the beauty of feather layer that overlapping together. Moreo <Cropped>

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Lounge Chair and Ottoman:patroa by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Patroa Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The lead designer of the highlighted work Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Acclaimed Designer explicates, Patroa, is a comfort and sophisticated Lounge chair and ottoman developed to be both conceptual and commercial. Was used a metal calender method to b <Cropped>

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Johanna Mårtensson-Orgel Visual Sound Installation

At Design Interviews

Interview with Johanna Mårtensson : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Johanna Mårtensson : When working together as set and costume designer (Johanna) and composer and performer (Ida) with a dance <Cropped>

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