Pplusp Designers Ltd.'s Chi On Jardine's Lookout Residential Apartment

Pplusp Designers Ltd. Designs The Chi On Jardine's Lookout Residential Apartment

PplusP Designers Ltd., the creative mind behind the award winning design Residential Apartment:CHI on Jardine's Lookout by PplusP Designers Ltd. demonstrates, The project was planned and designed to allow natural energy, Chi, to enter the apartm <Cropped>

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Signage and Branding by Ivan Dilberovic

Ivan Dilberovic Illustrates The Design Hotel Navis Signage and Branding

Ivan Dilberovic, the designer of the awarded design Signage and Branding:Design Hotel Navis by Ivan Dilberovic demonstrates, Hotel Navis is a 5 star design hotel, situated in Opatija, Croatia. The hotel has 44 rooms and each of them has the sea view <Cropped>

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One in Motion by Surteco Decor Gmbh

Surteco Decor Gmbh Exhibits The One in Motion Surteco Fair Stand

Surteco Decor GmbH, the thinktank behind the displayed design One in Motion - SURTECO fair stand by Surteco Decor GmbH spells out, The strength of SURTECO was presented with an imposing architecture at interzum 2017. The aim was not simply to present <Cropped>

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Residential House:villa W by Yi-Ching Lin and Shih-Ming Lu

Yi-Ching Lin and Shih-Ming Lu Illustrates The Villa W Residential House

Yi-Ching Lin and Shih-Ming Lu, the creative mind behind the displayed work Award Winning Villa W Residential house points out, In a new feature situated the original soul. From an angle of extensive view, looking down at the street pieced with point <Cropped>

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Award Winning Snowskate Skate For Soft and Hard Snow

Kari Thomsen Portrays The Snowskate Skate For Soft and Hard Snow

Kari Thomsen, the designer of the displayed project Snowskate by Kari Thomsen says, The original Snow Skate is here presented in a quite new and functional design - in hard wood mahogany and with stainless steel runners. One advantage is that traditi <Cropped>

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Wine by Angela Spindler-Depot

Angela Spindler-Depot Demonstrates The Nugan Estate-Matriarch Wine

Angela Spindler-Depot, the maker of the award winning design Nugan Estate-Matriarch by Angela Spindler-Depot explicates, BRIEF: To create a limited release, premium brand in honour of the former company CEO—the Matriarch. SOLUTION: The brand mark a <Cropped>

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Pattern of Tree-in Order to Organic Furniture. by Studio Rope-Hiroyuki Morita

Studio Rope-Hiroyuki Morita Designs The Pattern of Tree in Order to Organic Furniture

studio Rope - Hiroyuki Morita, the creator of the highlighted work pattern of tree - In order to organic furniture. by studio Rope - Hiroyuki Morita points out, A proposition of partition that utilize conifer parts inefficiently; that is, the slender <Cropped>

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Ca750 Telemedicine Cart-Telemedicine Cart by Cory Costley

Cory Costley Shares The Ca750 Telemedicine Cart Telemedicine Cart

Cory Costley, the maker of the highlighted work Telemedicine Cart:CA750 Telemedicine Cart by Cory Costley explicates, Designed with doctors and patients in mind, the CA750 is a telehealth system that easily fits into a hospital’s existing workflow. <Cropped>

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Tav Group's Cannabis Walls House

Tav Group Exhibits The Cannabis Walls House

Tav Group, the lead designer of the award winning design House by Tav Group says, A private eco-house, reclining on the Carmel Mountain facing the mediterranean sea and blending with the beauty of its natural surroundings, enveloping a south facing c <Cropped>

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Gold and Diamond Rings by Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi Portrays The Trinity Collection Gold and Diamond Rings

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi, the author of the awarded project Gold and Diamond Rings by Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi points out, This is an Organic collection of gold and diamond rings which shows a pure and simple combination of organic pattern in nature <Cropped>

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